Creative thinking – creative doing. Stockholm based.

Flower Studio is a creative studio, with its roots in visual communication and story telling. Since establishment in 2017 there has been a continuous effort to develop and adapt to ever changing landscapes.

The result of not shying away from thinking and doing has been the completion of an eclectic variety of projects within the creative sphere. What always remains is the eagerness and hunger for necessary and relevant ideas.


Flower thrives most under collaborations. More than that, collaborations of different intellects, perspectives and skillsets are essential to the studio's work. If you are a former or current comrade, then receive many thanks! If you are a possible future one, then welcome!

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Timbuktu – Art Direction and Design
Timbuktu - Video Direction and Production
Design S – Visual Identity

Art Direction and design for Timbuktu’s critically acclaimed album “Du Gamla Du Nya”. The work’s underlying narrative is centered around three guiding principles: black space, black heritage and black joy. The album and single artworks are varied excursions into each subject. The record is a celebration and manifestation of black experience and vision.

The one year long collaboration resulted in a conceptually coherent and visually varied world, with extensive creation of imagery, illustration, 3D animation, video and much more. The executions were then displayed on national television, several nation wide print campaigns, social media and merchandise. The collected work was then exhibited at the Stockholm art gallery Steinsland Berliner.

DESIGN S – SWEDISH DESIGN AWARDS is Swedens most prestigious design competition that spans over all types of design fields, from architecture, to handcrafts via fashion and digital design. The competition is arranged annually by Svensk Form, the worlds oldest organisation promoting crafts and design.

For this years identity, our concept circled around where design is created, starting out by visiting studios, workshops, and offices where award winning projects are conceived and developed. This manifested itself in our design of the catalog, social media campaign and award ceremony, as well as in the award itself - a shiny, polished aluminium S, cast in 3D-printed sand molds.